Rugged Hard Drive LaCie 160 GB USB 2.0/FireWire400/FireWire800 8MB Cache


When mobile, things are bound to happen when you take an external hard drive with you. The Lacie 160GB Rugged All-Terrain External Hard Drive is designed to deliver a hard-drive for versatile use on and off roads, with connectivity to Macintosh or Windows PC. The exclusive creation of world-renown designer Neil Poulton, this portable storage solution offers the supreme speed of FireWire 800 along with FireWire 400 and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interfaces for true universal connectivity. Conveniently bus-powered and plug & play, it's ideal for backup, video storage and large data volume exchange on the go. Simply plug it into just about any computer anywhere for backup, video storage and large data volume exchange. Its unique scratch-protected aluminum shell and shock-resistant rubber bumper make the LaCie Rugged Hard Drive especially resistant to harsh elements for extra protection along the road of your adventures. Average Seek Time (Write) - <12ms>


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