Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler

Look at this notebook cooler. So you're catching up on a little work at your favorite outdoor café, enjoying the scents of summer. Like the mouthwatering aroma of freshly-grilled burgers. The bracing scent of newly-cut grass. But your nose twitches as the smoky odor of overheating electronics reaches it. Then your trusty laptop locks up, leaving you thoroughly in the lurch. You see, heat is your laptop's most dangerous enemy. And our notebook cooler is the answer.


  • Protect your valuable investment and reduce heat-related instability

  • USB-powered cooler with pass-through connector included

  • Draw power from any USB port without losing use of the USB port

  • Low power consumption

  • No batteries or power adapter needed

  • 2 Double ball-bearing fans for reliability

  • Quieter than a whisper, only 25.9 dB(A)

  • AQ3 Antec Quality three-year warranty

Overheating laptops are a bigger problem than most people realize, as heat reduces system stability and harms the lifespan of your electronics. To combat this problem, you need the Antec Notebook Cooler! Increasing the cooling your laptop gets can help it last longer, and may reduce or even eliminate system crashes.

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