Kids VTech Nitro Notebook Electronic Learning Device (Pink)

Youngsters will love whipping out this very grownup-looking notebook for a little educational fun! With 80 activities in such skills as language, math, Spanish, social studies, reading, art, and music, the Nitro Notebook packs a true academic punch. The sleek blue computer looks like a standard laptop on the outside, complete with mouse and pad, but features developmentally appropriate games for kids six and older.
As players explore games in Science World (match the animal to its shadow), Word Zone (spell the word to help the puppy cross the river), Creative Studio (create a musical masterpiece), and more, an artificial intelligence tool tracks their progress, automatically upping the challenge quotient as their skills progress. Two bonus cartridges (Story Time and Sing-Along) take kids still deeper into their journey of knowledge. This is a terrific way to improve school skills at home. Three AA batteries or 9V 300mA adaptor required (not included). (Demo batteries included.)
I got this notebook as a gift for my daughter's 4th birthday. She likes it a lot and spends time with it for quite a long stretch. I find it as a very educational, fun learning tool for budding learners. Good one.

This toy is so fun!! My favorite Game on on it is mazemagic!! On mazemagic you will see the little person is you !!! You have to find lots of cool things. I Got it for christmas one year I loved it!!!



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