Learning Device VTech - Double Vision Notebook for Child

The Double Vision is definitely the way to go. When we first opened it and set it up independent of the TV, we were not impressed. After hooking it up to the TV, it really came alive and has been a lot of fun for our kids. Our kids, being 3 & 4, have a little bit of trouble navigating some of the games, but it's going to be a great toy for them to grow with. I would definitely recommend this product as a TV arcade type game, but not as a stand-alone laptop toy.
Get ready for learning on the double with Double Vision Notebook. This portable laptop is sleek and slim for busy kids to take on the go. Or, it connects to your home TV so you can play interactive games in vivid color. Create cool presentations on your laptop and watch them on TV. Double Vision Notebook is loaded with skill-building activities and fun games that cover grade-school curriculum like language, math, logic, science, Spanish and more. Includes four "AA" batteries and one R2302 battery. Measures 11.5"W x 10"H.
...and she loved it! It is very educational and fun. She was thrilled to have her own "laptop". The only drawback, is, that to trully enjoy the games, it MUST be hooked to the television. The screen on the laptop, is small, black and white, and very hard to see, and read the writing. Now my 5 year old Grandson wants one for Christmas next year!



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