Notebooks Webcam QuickCam Deluxe Logitech

Powerful portable notebook video.
With a stylish look and performance to match of webcam for notebook, QuickCam Deluxe for Notebooks provides a high quality video and audio experience that ensures you always look and sound your best. Logitech's RightLight Technology and RightSound Technology adjusts intelligently to produce the best possible video and audio, even in noisy or dimly-lit rooms. 
Offering powerful portable notebook video with stylish looks and performance to match, the Logitech Quickcam Deluxe features a glass-element lens to improve image quality, compared to plastic lenses. RightLight 2 Technology captures fine details, even in dim, side or backlit situations. The high quality integrated microphone with RightSound Technology eliminates echo and reduces background noise. Protect your investment while you're on the road with the included travel case. A 20mm adjustable clip attaches your webcam to multimedia and widescreen notebooks. Change your image by applying special effects like 'Chalk' or 'Music Video' with Fun Filters.

notebook webcam

Try this on other webcams: Face the webcam, look at ourself at the camera. You should be focused and clear. Now take your cell phone, turn it on so that the screen is on. Now face the cell phone screen on the webcam close enough so that the webcam only see the screen, try to focus the lense if possible.

On this camera, the lighting adjust quickly and you're able to see the screen, turn the lense and it focus correctly. Other cameras I've tried, the cell phone screen is a blur and all you see is white like it's looking into the sun or something.


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